Why use best mosquito bat instead of mosquito killer liquid?

Are you want to sleep comfortably so that mosquitoes don’t bother? Don’t you want to listen to the mosquito songs? Are your mosquito-killing liquids really works and kill all mosquitoes? Don’t you want to play with your health by inhaling mosquito killer liquid and If you don’t want to donate your blood to mosquitoes, then you are in the right place.

Do you know inhalation of mosquito killer liquid has harmful effects not only for mosquitoes, but also it has harmful effects on a human’s body.
I will advise you to go for natural and safer options like mosquito bat. There are many products available in the market that are targeted specifically for kids to keep them safe from mosquito bites.

What is a Mosquito Bat?

Mosquito bat is like tennis bat where mosquitoes got trapped in the wire mesh of mosquito bat when we move mosquito bat around mosquitoes and when they trapped, died because of electric current produced by mosquito bat.
So, we have to charge the mosquito bat before using it so that it works properly.

Parts of Mosquito Bat

Mosquito bat body is made up of hard-quality ABS plastic, and inside the plastic body, it consists of the circuit board, the plug made of steel pins for charging, 1 Inner mesh, and 2 outer mesh. Inner mesh is made up of aluminum which is good conductor of electricity.


Why use Mosquito Bat Instead of mosquito killer liquid ?

Mosquito Bat helps in no side effects and allergies from chemicals like altrine in our body. Mosquito bat is very easy to use; you have to switch on the bat by pressing the button. Insects are killed instantly by the electric shock when they get trapped in the inner mesh.
Mosquito bats are environment friendly in nature, and also no environmental pollution from mosquito bat. Many Mosquito bat comes up with a warranty and hence durable than other liquid chemicals.
Two Outer mesh external layers protect us from accidental low power shock and hence safe to use. You can also use mosquito nets if you don’t want to purchase mosquito bat.

Harmful Effects of Mosquito killer liquid

Respiratory System Problems: Inhalation of mosquito killer liquid over a long period may result in diseases like coughing, sneezing, breathing problems, and even lung cancer.

Weakening of the nervous system: inhalation of mosquito-killing liquids weakens the nervous system of the body, and weakening of the nervous system weakens the ability to move the body parts.

Weakening of the immune system: mosquito-killing liquids weakens our immune system and thus weakens our body. The immune system is vital for our body to fight diseases, especially in corona time.

Skin Allergy: mosquito killer liquid and mosquito bite sometimes result in skin allergy like red dots in the body, itching, tingling etc.

skin allergy mosquito bite
Skin Allergy

Headache: Inhalation of mosquito killer lead to headache, dizziness. So, Avoid using mosquito killer liquid and switch to Mosquito Bat.


So, I recommend you to buy Mosquito Nets and Mosquito bats as they are safe to use and not harmful to our bodies. Still, I always recommend buying branded products with a warranty available for the product. If you want to buy Mosquito Nets than i always recommend to buy bigger nets so that you will not face any problem because if one mosquito enter inside the mosquito net than rest you know what are the consequences and never purchase Mosquito killer liquid as they are harmful for our body. For more products you can visit Mayorkitchen.

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