World Bicycle Day: Bicycle for saving Environment & Health

We Celebrate World Bicycle Day on 3rd June Every Year. This is Celebrated to get to draw people’s attention to the Environment and Health Benefits. So, In 2018 the United Nations General Assembly declared the 3 June as World Bicycle Day for the health benefits of all age groups, Creating Awareness about the Environment and Sustainable Development also it is affordable, reliable, and durable as it is safer than other vehicles and it also helps in reducing Inequality.

Why is World Bicycle Day celebrated?

World Bicycle Day is celebrated only because of two motives

For Benefits of Health
According to the World Health Organization (WHO) walking and cycling are best for achieving good health and for poor countries and poor people where people can’t afford their own private vehicles, Cycling and walking can be their easy means of transportation. We will discuss this later in the post the Health Benefits of Cycling a Bicycle.

Save Environment from the Global Warming
Bicycle is the sustainable means of transportation which helps in contributing cleaner environment and it helps us in fighting with Global Warming by not adding harmful gas gases like Carbon Dioxide in our Environment. To Promote Cycling Many countries working on separate roads for Cycling. We will discuss this later in the post, Bicycle for saving our Environment.

Health Benefits of Cycling a Bicycle

Cycling is healthy, fun, and low-impact form of exercise for all age groups.

Riding a bicycle can help to protect you from serious diseases such as stroke, heart attack, some cancers, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis and make your body strong.
It only takes two to four hours a week to attain a general improvement in your health.

  • Cycling causes less strain and injuries as it is also a complete exercise like walking.
  • Riding a bicycle increases stamina, strength, aerobic fitness and also makes your bones stronger.
  • It is a good way to control or reduce weight, as it raises your metabolic rate, and burns body fat. So it ensures a healthy lifestyle.
  • Cycling also improves strength, balance and coordination.

Bicycle for saving our Environment

  • Safest Option– Bicycle is the best transportation option in Most Populated countries like India, China, etc. as this helps in improving air quality and road safety.
  • No Pollution From Cycling– Bicycle Saves environment from adding harmful gases like Carbon Dioxide. so Bicycle is environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation.
  • No Traffic Jams– when we ride Bicycles we will not get frustrated with the long Traffic Jams. So it will save a lot of time. Trucks and Cars create a hell lot of traffic jams, So it is beneficial in highly populated countries.
  • No Fuel Required– In a bicycle no fuel is required, so it also saves a lot of money. you Just have a bicycle that’s it and no other cost is involved. Also, many companies are coming with E- cycles that have better speed and other advanced features and environment friendly.
bicycle ride
bicycle ride

Many countries are actively engaged in creating awareness among their citizens. So they are taking initiatives like creating separate cycling lanes or tracks, Conducting Surveys, Discussions, Cycling Rallies, Open Street Events, cycle rental schemes, organizing online events to discuss the benefits of riding a bicycle. Also, In India 41 cities are taking cycling-friendly Initiatives.

Short journeys contribute massively to global pollution levels. Get on the bicycle, and you’ll save petrol or cash on public transport, as well as time.

Happy World Bicycle Day!

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